What is Rate Confirmation

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What is Rate Confirmation

In this video, we will explain to you what is rate confirmation and in what you need to pay particular attention. Rate confirmation. This is a document that is issued to the carrier by a broker, which lists all the relevant information related to the cargo that you will be transporting on its behalf. In order for you to better understand this document, let’s take an example of rate confirmation from the company OTR Transportation and Company. In the rectangle under the name From will be given information about the broker, his name, phone number and email. The name of your company is indicated in the box called carrier.

Next, you must indicate your MC number, DOT number, truck number, trailer number as well as the driver’s name and phone number. Below, the broker himself indicate the size and type of transport by which the cargo is transported, what exactly the weight of the cargo is transported. Here we indicate the amount for which you took this cargo. Be sure to check the amount indicated by the broker. It should be the same with the sum you agreed with the broker and not $1 less. Here is the most important information for you and for the driver. ITS should be checked very carefully.

First comes the information about the pickup. Here is the address along with all the zip codes as well as the time during which the driver must have time to arrive and for pickup. We have here from six in the evening to 11 at night. Just to be clear. The time of work is often indicated here. Here, we have the date and exact time of the pickup. In this situation, we have an appointment. The appointment is exactly the time in which the driver should already be in check. Note that he arrived by pickup. It is very important that the driver in any case not be late when you have an appointment time. Ref number is the cargo number. A kind of cargo ID for movers.

This number must be shown by the driver at the loading. This is the delivery address. Again with all the necessary zip codes and it is indicated that the warehouse and delivery works for 24 hours. We have a delivery date as well as the FCFS and it is marked. This means that the driver will start to unload as soon as he arrives. But below the broker indicated to us that the driver should be turned out before 6 O’clock in the evening. And again, it marked and indicated the number of cargoes. This driver must show on delivery.

Here is the information you need to review. Carrier signature. Here we must sign. Date, specify the date of the signing rate confirmation. Go to the next page. We repeat the following procedure. In the rectangle under the name From, information about the broker will be indicated, his name, phone number and mail. The name of your company is indicated in the box called Carrier. Next, you must indicate your MC number, DOT number, truck number, trailer number as well as the driver’s name and the phone number.

It is necessary to review this information. Again, put a signature and specify the date of filling rate confirmation. Let’s sum up. The most important thing that dispatcher should pay attention to are, From what location is it necessary to carry the cargo? In what timeframe it is necessary to meet? What kind of cargo your driver will carry? For how much money you are carrying this cargo. Do not forget to fill all the necessary links as well as put a date and signature.

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