Truck Dispatcher training with mentorship


Training for the profession of a cargo dispatcher with a mentor will give you the opportunity to earn much more than you planned, just one month after learning the secrets of the logistics business. The training is necessary for everyone who has ever thought about making money in the trucking industry in America, or those who want to earn good money by working as a Dispatcher or Manager in a truck company.

Working at home, such a specialist makes tens and thousands of calls. He regularly receives incoming calls. All work is connected with the phone. Oftentimes, companies hire a remote employee who is on schedule to carry out duties. It became popular back in 2017. This is how firms save money. After all, there is no need to pay rent for the premises.

The features of the work of a home freight dispatcher are:

  • do not get up early and rush to the office;
  • calls are made from any place where there is communication and access to the Internet;
  • no need to tear yourself away from your family.

If you work as a cargo dispatcher at home, then first, you need to know the responsibilities:

  • you should find a car according to the characteristics of the transported goods;
  • pre-calculate the distance of the route and the cost of the service;
  • organize the transportation of goods from the point of departure to the final point and contact the drivers.

To perform these actions and earn money, you need to be a master of your field. It takes knowledge to be successful. Refresher training may be needed. You do not need to undergo training as a road transport dispatcher at a specialized university. In this profession, it makes no difference what kind of education, humanitarian or technical.

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