What is Bill of Lading

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What is Bill of Lading

Hello everyone. Today we’re going to talk about BOL or Bill of Lading proof of delivery. This is the same document which helps to confirm that your driver had delivered the cargo. This is something similar to consignment note. Now I’m going to show how approximately one of them looks like. BOL may consist of one to three pages depending, let’s say on the way the company prefers to work.

Here we have a date indicated, this is a pickup date. Example, the date when the driver was loaded. Here is the name of the company which loaded him. Here is their address, the city name, the zip code. Here, as you can see, we have data indicated here in carrier name. Here, all the required data is filled in, example, that is during the time for loading. Then we have the delivery addresses or receiver. We put Delivery date and time and the signature of a person who unloaded your driver.

This means your driver delivered the cargo and everything was fine. What do we have then? We have special instruction that this bol must be taken to the place of delivery and shown there. Here we have some information. Then the pickup number given by the customer. Then how many pieces, how many pallets, how many units, how much weight is cargo, the weight of one pallet we have and again how many pallets in total. How much cargo there is one on these pallets and the weight of each cargo together with the pallets. There is a little bigger number here if you notice and that’s all.

Then we have carrier information. The information for your driver and for you. Again, how many pallets, their type, what do they consist of, maximum weight, the weight of your cargo together with the pallets. What exactly is delivered, commodity, the number and the class. Now, again, we have the pallet number, what is carried on them? It’s amount and maximum weight. Let’s move on.

Shipper signature and date. Here, the person who loaded your – driver put the loading date and the signature. There is also the signature of the person who gave you the cargo. He is the shipper. Here, your driver also put the date and his signature after he’s loaded. That’s all goods loaded and ready for setup. And here we have logistic detail. The information about the client, phone number in case we need to contact him. Anything can happen.

Who made this cargo delivery date? Again, we have delivery time. When the driver arrived for loading, it was completely unloaded. And also, we have the name of the company which carried this cargo, the information about it, the name, your phone number. To be more specific, your driver’s number. Also indicated how many trucks you have. That is just one for a company. The information about the insurance, location, your trailer number. Then about some straps and if they’re necessary and some other equipment.

Then, rate confirmation number that no straps are necessary, no driver help during the loading or unloading process. And here we have signature at the end, who unloaded and how. They put some notes. This is one type of Bill of Lading. There may be a lot of them. It depends even on the quantity of pickups, on the amount of trucks and deliveries. Therefore, the bol may consist of one page, two, three and up to five pages. This was our biggest Bill of Lading. We needed five pages bol because we had a lot of information there.

We had a lot of pickups, a lot of deliveries. I hope you liked this video and everything is clear for you. Thank you so much for watching. See you soon.

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