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Mass texting. Hi guys. In this video, I would like to tell you about one of the highly effective implements for marketing. This is mass texting. I’m going to explain to you how it works in truck business, and how it can attract clients. Sometimes, you may have a potential customer’s phone number or email address, but he or she does not connect with you. You can call him and tell him about his services. He may even be interested in it. But at the moment, he’s not ready to cooperate with you. After a while, you send him a message with a short text in order to leave a reminder by yourself, thus reminding him about yourself. And by the way, it wasn’t precision [0:00:45 inaudible]. He already had an SMS, which he must have read and trust me, at the right time in his memory, it will pop up that he actually communicated with you.

For example, in a conversation with colleagues, he may recommend you to your potential client, even if it does not cooperate with you. And you can have a dozen of such potential customers or we can collect a database of phone numbers of drivers or operators using such advertising platforms as Craigslist or Rusrek where drivers are looking for work or companies are looking for workers. But the best thing is to purchase for yourself a database in which there are contacts of operators who’ve registered their company. That is, you will have a huge database of potential customers who really need dispatch of control services.

Moreover, in order to notify potential customers as soon as possible, the method of SMS sending is the most suitable. In addition, they will have not only a telephone number, but an email address as well. We are only required to make the short message and make mail outs. You should repeat the mailouts at a short time interval. There are lots of platforms that you may use for mass texting. I would like to show you one of them. This is SMS Global,, when you visit the site, enter your phone number, name, email and password. Once you’ve been registered, you can view the prices. Also, you can immediately calculate how much mass texting will cost in the USA.

If you put the value in dollars, you can see the SMS cost is about 2.3 cents. That means for $10, you can send about 450 SMS. This is just ridiculous money for which you can be able to inform other 50 potential customers about your services. When you start using your account for the first time, you should fill your account. Also integrate a list of contacts. Don’t forget about carrying information from the Excel file to the contact list.

Firstly, you need to create this Excel file. It’s very simple. It consists of two columns. The first column is for the names, for company names. Also this column for telephone numbers, and I recommend you to use the second column for email addresses. When you create this file, you need to save it in CSV format. This file is for SMS Global. It is very easy to import this file in SMS Global. You should only click Import the File and it will start loading. The program will check this file and identify that there are columns A with numbers and telephone numbers and Column B with email addresses. In SMS Global, the first thing you will see is a list of numbers for which you’re going to send SMS.

You can send the message from the American number which you entered during the registration. Remember, if the SMS will come from a different number from other countries, it will be a bit strange. So, if you do not have an American number, then you can purchase a virtual number from which SMS will be sent. After that, you insert the text of the message in the field. You can use 160 characters. After that, choose Send Message. Also, you can establish a timetable for distribution. So simple, but most importantly quickly you can advertise your services. See you in the next video.

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