How to use the Omnitracs Sylectus to search for loads

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How to use the Omnitracs Sylectus to search for loads

Instructions for using Omnitracs Sylectus. Hi guys, in this video, we will help you understand how to use another type of board Omnitracs Sylectus to search for goods. This work is most often used by companies or operators who have small size trucks, which are often difficult to find on other boards. Now, we will consider the process of finding the goods on these boards step by step.

First of all, you need to log into the board if you have already signed up. After which you will be given the menu of this board where you can choose the option that interests you. Then in the menu, you need to select the Orders option, after which you will have even more choices and among them, you need to select the Manage Posted Orders option.

After that, you will be transferred to the page with loads where you still need to enter additional information in order to narrow the search range. At the top of the page, you can see a rectangle with some information and empty fields that you actually need to fill in to specify your searches.

Let’s take a closer look at what kind of information you need to provide. Pick-Up As of. First of all the date on which you are looking for cargo for your truck. Next. To this item, you can put a tick next to the Show Loads That Have Not Expired in order to show you only those loads that have not expired yet. Ref NO and Order. NO. We omit. Load Type. Here we can take the type of cargo you are interested in or the type of equipment you have. Truck. Max Weight. The maximum weight that you can carry. Pickup within. Miles of Pickup Location. The preferred distance from your truck to the pickup location in miles.

From city, state. In the first field, you need to enter the city, the location of your truck and in the second, choose the City State of the city. To City State, the city and state of the preferred place of delivery, but you need to remember that filling this field will significantly reduce the number of goods offered to us. If you do not care where to go, it is better to leave this field empty. Then, we click Search and then on the board, we will have all the match loads suitable for our parameters. Before that, you can still set the frequency of the load update on the board.

Refresh every 1 to 15 minutes. On the board, there are displayed cargoes. On the board, we have 10 columns with various information about the cargo. We will consider them in more details. Posted by Notes. Here we have information about the company posting the goods, its name, the number of days during which you will be paid for the transportation of cargo and the credit rating of the company. Also, there may be provided additional data on the goods or some notes from the company broker. Clicking on the company name will open a separate window with additional information about the company, contact details, MC number etc. Ref. No, Load Type, Broker MC#.

Here we are provided with the cargo number, Type of cargo as well as the MC number of the company providing the cargo. Order No. Amount is a specific number that you can use if you have an account on posted lots. With this number, you can find out more information about the cargo and can also write the broker about this cargo if he interested you. Pick-up at, Date/Time EST. Here, you can find information on the place, date and exact time of pickup cargo. Deliver to, Date/Time EST. Information about the place, date and exact time of delivery, Post-Date, Time EST, Expires on, EST. Shows time the load was loaded and the time when it runs out.

VEH Size, Miles. Here we can find information about type of equipment truck preferred for this cargo as well as the number of miles from the pickup point to the place of delivery.

PCS WT. The number of pieces of cargo, pallet boxes, et cetera and the weight of the cargo. Other info. Additional information about the cargo. Hide/Mark As Reviewed. Here you can select some, all lots and mark them as Viewed and Hide. On this board, you do not need to call brokers. Companies posting cargo here would rather write message to them. That is, if you are interested in some kind of cargo, you can write a letter to the brokers through the above mentioned posted lots or from your own email using the contact details provided on the board.

In the subject of the message, you must specify the place of the pickup and the place of the delivery. Example, Harrisburg PA to Lorton VA and then in the message itself indicate the type of equipment you have, the distance from the location of your truck to the place of pickup in the miles. Your MC number and you can also specify the approximate time when your truck will be on pickup and delivery. The price you would like to receive for this cargo or the availability of additional equipment.

If the broker is interested in your offer, he will respond to your message and possibly provide some additional details about the cargo. Then you will have negotiation in writing about the cargo. And if both parties agree, you will be given the cargo.

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