How to register a company (LLC)

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How to register a company (LLC)

Hi guys, today I would like to tell you about a new interesting topic, the LLC registration. That is a corporation or company in the USA and particularly in Florida. Registering a company was called a corporation in the American way is actually done very easy. And you don’t need to overpay, pay other people some money for not good services. Everything can be done by yourself using just a computer and well, five minutes of your time. Five minutes and you save at least $300 for such a service as opening a company.

So, in order to open a company in Florida, you need to go to the site See the link below. Here’s how the site looks. So, we open the website and start a registration. First, we choose which type of corporation we want to create or open. First, we choose which type of corporation we want to open. In fact, this issue must be taken quite seriously because opening a corporation entails some responsibility. And we as experienced persons in truck business can tell you that the best option is to choose an LLC Corporation.

It is very important to consult with an accountant, lawyer, friends or others who already run a business or you can simply use our advice and open an LLC. For transportation business, LLC is considered to be the most common type of corporation that is opened because this type of corporation is better in terms of protection. Select LLC, we have Florida Limited Liability Company. We agree and fill out. Now we will fill out the forms for this corporation. Enter the opening day, you can choose a few days ago, but no more than five days or a few days in advance. What is this done for?

This gives you an opportunity to delay your payment a little such as an accounting calculations, accounting and tax records and so on. Because of this, many people use this option to open a company later than they actually registered. Or there are situations where you need to open a company a little bit earlier. Thus, US law allows such an opportunity but no more than five days earlier than your registration. Everything is really very simple. So, we enter the date of opening of our company. Here, you can find the description explaining the timeframe in which you can choose the days when you would like to open a corporation.

You can also get a special certificate. In fact, no one gets it. Most people don’t need it. And basically, the law does not require it. So, it’s up to you. If for instance, it happens that you have to show the certificate then you can always order it. But at the moment, I do not think this is necessary. Since there isn’t such a need, we will not order it. The certificate simply confirms that you have a corporation of company. Okay, now let’s move on to company’s name and address.

It’s very important to check the name because the name of the company means a lot. If you for example, select the name that already exists, you will be sent a notification that unfortunately, your company is not open due to the fact such a company already exists. And you need to choose another name how to check and how to protect yourself. Actually, guys, everything is very simple. On the same website,, you can follow the link and just check if there’s already such a company with that name, and ensure that you will register today and everything will work properly. Go to Sunbiz, click on the search company, enter the name here, press Enter and make sure.

If there is no such name, then it’s good. If there is already such a name in the system, it shows you a notification and you must select another name. Well, make up some other name to use in your further business. Everything is very easy and simple. After checking the name, and if the name is unique, we are required to provide such data as the address. We go back to our page and insert the name. We continue to fill out. Here, we indicate the office number, the city, state, zip code, when we need to choose whether we need an additional address.

Sometimes it happens that the owner of the company lives in another state, opens it in another one, or there are several owners or because of taxes. But this is a topic of another lesson where I’m going to tell you where it is better to register a company, where the laws are more loyal with more details. But let’s go back to our registration. Thus, you must indicate the full address where we registered our company. The business must have a real address so that you can receive letters and notifications from this business. All public services will send you letters. And basically, it’s very important to receive these letters because there are such notifications that incur penalties if you do not reply and it’s very important to check your mail.

In fact, a lot of spam will be sent there. But it’s not to be avoided, you just have to sort mail well, and get probably another additional container for such garbage. Well, this isn’t run without this. It’s a common thing. Since everything is done in one place. We choose the option where it says, real address and the address of the company are located in one place. Here you enter the name and address of the Registered Agent. Is it an accountant or corporation that fills your form for you, or you? That is, for example, you can put your name here in the Last Name field, your surname in the First Name field is in your name.

Who is this Registered Agent? This is a person who can help you with registration. This is, if we’re talking about the case where you’d hire someone who will make your registration, then he must provide his details as a person who does the registration for someone. But since we do the registration ourselves, because we’re smart, experienced people, we know that we don’t need to waste money and time on anyone. We choose the option that we wish to ourselves. And we see there is a Last Name field. This is a surname and the First Name field. This is your name. If you still have decided to hire or turn to someone, well, I do not recommend that you do that. But still, if you don’t have time, you really want to hire an agent, you need to hire only someone offering services in particular state where you open a company because this person must know all the conditions that must be followed, registering a company in that state.

We often faced such problems that our clients turn to not qualify people who only created, but not only the company, but also with a lot of problems. And at the end of our registration, it is necessary to put an electronic signature. The next step is to choose the type of company’s activities that this company is actually going to do. And we don’t have to fill about this point for a long time. Just choose All Legal Business. That is, we are a corporation that is engaged in any business that is not prohibited by a law. That is, we do everything that the law has permitted us to do. If at some point, the law prohibits doing some kinds of activities, or you need some additional permissions or certificates, it is possible.

But at the moment, the best is, all legal business. This makes it possible to engage in absolutely any business without breaking the law. Let’s enter your working email where you will receive a letter with notification about the registration of a corporation that is ready, and can start working. The next, we sign and confirm that all the information that we have filled out here is true, correct. And we agree with all the data we have entered. Then if you open a corporation for yourself, you’re the only person that is one company owner, you set yourself up as a member who is a representative of this company, accountant, General Manager, and so on.

If you have partners, then you see a field where you can add more people. And you also need to fill the positions, responsibilities if you have such partners. If you have no partners, then the registration is already over. If you have partners, you need to specify all their data. After you have filled out all the data, with the Continue button, we move on to the page where all this information is there. You can check it, whether everything is correct, and so on. If you made some mistakes, don’t worry. You can always go back and correct, call them or correct by adding new information.

Then you get a tracking number with which you can always check your application. Let’s move on. We pay $125 by card, fill in all credit card data. Here we enter the last few digits on the back of a card together with number, address and so on. Well, basically, you know all of this. Just ordinary payment. Everything is simple, secure. You don’t need to be afraid of anything. You just fill in, register. They charge you as usual. After that, you get a receipt and it’s better to keep it because there are different situations. Payment is sometimes delayed. If you have credit card debt, there may be problems at the bank, the transaction may be delayed and the registration of your company may also be delayed because of it.

Therefore, it is better to be sure to keep a receipt for your payment. After you’ve opened the corporation, you still need to get an IEA number. This is a registration number or a number of registration. Intermediaries, it will cost about $300. You can certainly find cheaper or more expensive but to be honest, out of more than 10 years of experience, I can confidently say that there is absolutely no point in wasting any money or time on these people. We’ve tried many services and often, these people make some mistakes, or they’re very busy or there’s something else with them. You can’t call them, they send confirmation. I’m sure you don’t have to pay anyone.

We’ve already done everything ourselves and saved you at least $300. So, guys, in fact, we have already opened company. Everything is very easy, clear. It took us about five minutes to make a registration of company, we get a name, enter all the data, fill out an application, send an application and pay. Why would you hire search for some accounts? See, with all the lessons, you will go through all stages of work so quickly and easily because we already understand what we’re talking about. We’ve already passed all this. We already know the fast way. No need to look for difficult ways, no need to dig on the internet. Ask 1000s of people. Everyone tells you something different. You simply save time and money, which is very important.

So, I wish you good luck. Have a nice day. By the way, congratulations on opening of the company. If you did everything step by step with me and you managed to do all this. Thank you so much. See you.

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