How to find a job as a dispatcher

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How to find a job as a dispatcher

Hi everyone. During today’s training, we’re going to talk about how to find a job as a dispatcher. First, you need to understand how the truck business works. If you do not have enough confidence to start this business, then it’s very important to understand the features of this business and gain more experience in this area. I will give you several options and explain how this can be done. The first option is to go to the job search site and see which companies are looking for dispatchers.

You can use a site like This is a largest site that publishes job opportunities not only in the city where you live, but also in any other big city. What can you do while on the job search site and find a recruiting company. We can call and talk to people who are recruiting and offer them your service. For example, for free.

Big companies have their main dispatcher who can be the manager of all other dispatchers who come for work. That means you will be given one truck for example, and you will be, it’s the sole dispatcher for free for a week, or as much as you want, depending on how fast you can learn. For the large companies, this is also beneficial as you can save the money. They’re happy to take people for free, who want to get some practice or gain new skills. That is actually why this form one of the options.

Also, a second option is that you can get a job with a salary. However, it depends on you, on how well you can sell your service to the company’s manager. You can work there for a month, two or three, gain experience and then move forward. You also have the opportunity to become one of the best dispatchers in the company where you work. Another option is for people who have friends or relatives in the truck business. It may be for instance, a husband, a friend, a truck driver. You may offer your service to them for a little money or for free. You may also learn from another dispatcher and help him and gain experience in this way.

There is nothing difficult about that. So do not be afraid to try and you will succeed. If you have any questions, please contact us, write to us. We will be happy to answer them and do not worry. You are sure to succeed. Thank you for watching.

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