How to fill in a set up package

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How to fill in a set up package

Hi guys. In this video, we will teach you how to properly fill out the setup package for a broker. Setup package is a contract between you and the company that provides you with the goods. The more you set up with the different companies, the better the rating of your company increases and accordingly, more companies are ready to use your services and provide you with goods. If your company has already been registered for a year, then you will have no problems with the cargo.

Most brokers are willing to work with companies that have work experience of three months, six months, one year. But there are those who without any problems will give you a lot even if you work only a few days. For example, TQL can give you a lot if you have been working for a half year. And to work with Schneider, you need one year of experience.

That is, it all depends on the company from which you take the goods. After checking your MC number, the broker will tell you if he is ready to give you the cargo. And if not, he will definitely indicate how much time was passed before you can cooperate with them.

Setup package can be filled by any employee of your company. To do this, you need the following documents. W-9, insurance as well as MC number, DOT number, fax, company address and the name and the surname of the company’s president. Often side by the name of the president of the company.

We take an example of setup package from the Uber Freight company. On the first page, we have a small instruction. In order to complete the registration process, we need to go below and follow the steps. Please view, sign and send all pages. Please upload a copy of insurance certificate. Please fill in your payment preferences. Filling a setup package should take 10, 15 minutes. To achieve this, the broker should send you a confirmation of the rate.

The first six pages contains general information about the company with which you are currently entering into cooperation agreement. These six-pages, we need to review but if you need step by step understanding of these pages in a short time, you can review this information later. Time of the setup, pages 7, 8, 9 is most important for you.

Page number seven. Here you need to specify the completion date of the stage. Carrier’s name, Specify the name of your company. USDOT number, specify DOT number, seven digits. MC number, specify ms number, six digits. Signature, sign, name, title. Indicate the name and the position. Often, the name of the president of the company is indicated and accordingly the position is the President.

Carrier’s mailing address. Specify address of the company. Carrier’s mobile phone number. Indicate the President’s phone number.

Page number, eight. Now you need to download insurance. Click on the icon and accordingly load the document. We proceed to the following actions.

Page number, nine. Again, we need to enter the name of the company, DOT number, put a signature, specify the name, surname, position and put the date of the completion of the stage. Here you need to specify how you would prefer to receive payment for shipping. If it was the service of a factoring company, then click on the paid factoring company. Here we point the name of the factoring company. If you want money to be credited to your account, then you need to click On. After that, you must provide the following information.

At this point, you set up and you need to send the document which you filled out to the broker. If you have missed something and forgot to fill it up, the broker will inform you about the mistakes. Accordingly you have to fix them.

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