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Force Majeure in Dispatchers Job

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Force Majeure in Dispatchers Job

Hi guys, in this video, we’ll tell you about the various possible force majeure situation in the sphere of transportation as well as about possible solutions to them. Working as a dispatcher, you need to be prepared for some unpredictable situations that may occur at any time because this is the highway and anything can happen on the way. Such situations are very different in nature.

For instance, some circumstances associated with changes in the weather conditions which may significantly affect the transportation. For example, your driver is carrying a cargo. He has an appointment, but a snowstorm suddenly started. As a result, the visibility on the road becomes poor or the road itself becomes slippery, which accordingly slows down the speed of the truck and consequently there is a risk of being late with the delivery for the scheduled time. What should be done in this case? You can hardly change anything because the weather is beyond your control. But what you have is to do is to contact the broker and inform you about the possible delay explaining the whole situation.

What is even better is to check the weather in particular area in advance. And if there is a possibility of the weather changing, tell your driver that he should probably leave early in order not to be late for the delivery pick up. On the road, there is also the likelihood of the truck breakdown or an accident. If this happened on the way to a pickup, the best solution would be to contact the broker and cancel the cargo providing evidence of breakdown or accident so that the company does not think that you are deceiving them and do not record you on No Load category which is bad for your company’s rating.

If this is an accident, make sure that your driver was not injured and call the relevant authorities for help. If it happened on the way to a delivery destination again, first of all, you need to make sure that no one was hurt that the driver called the police. Afterwards, you need to check the condition of the cargo. If there were any dangerous substances to the environment, your driver should know the procedure of how to stop the emissions pills [0:02:32 unclear] of the substance and how to make sure that the cargo has not damaged.

Then you need to contact your insurance company if the truck trailer is damaged. Then you or the broker who provide you with the cargo can look for power-only so that they can still manage to deliver the cargo. Your truck will most likely need repairment. There are also situations when your driver arrived at the pickup but there is no cargo. In this case, you need to demand Truck Ordered Not Used (TONU) compensation from the broker, or the situation when the driver spent all day or even more waiting for the cargo that you need to demand to lay over compensation because your truck lost a day while it could take another cargo and make money.

Also, there are situations such as when your driver brings the cargo for delivery and it turns out to be damaged. In this case, it may be either the driver’s fault or the shippers who didn’t load the truck carefully. To prevent this, ask the driver to make sure that the cargo’s integrity is maintained himself. If it’s a dry van, it will not be superfluous to use trucks or bars to secure the cargo. If it’s a Reefer, don’t forget to remind the driver of maintaining or the temperature required for certain cargo.

If it’s a Flatbed or Step deck, do not forget about the chains for securing the cargo as well as tarp to cover it. If your driver sees that the process of being loaded/unloaded was done with some carelessness, it is good to ask the driver for a footage to prove that the cargo is damaged if it’s damaged, not due to his fault. It is also very important to pay attention to all the details prescribed in the rate confirmation in order not to have problems later.

For example, it can be stated that your driver needs to wait in before and after loading and provide scale ticket to the broker which you were not asked to do earlier. And if you do not have this ticket, the broker may regard this as nonfulfillment of contractual obligation and fine you a certain sum of money. It may be stated that you are not allowed to personally contact the shipper/receiver and if you violate this clause, you may also be fined.

It may be stated that the driver must call the broker before the pickup delivery or accept the MacroPoint on the phone so that they can track its location. Nonfulfillment of this point may also result in a fine. Another type of trailer can also be set in the rate confirmation. Let’s say you have a dry van and according to the contract, you have flatbed. Then you need to clarify this issue with a broker. But if everything is according to the contract, you arrive at the pickup and they tell you that this cargo is intended for flatbed not for a dry van and you cannot pick up this cargo. In this case, you should demand Truck Ordered Not Used.

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