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Dispatcher’s Office

The dispatcher’s office doesn’t require anything beyond freight. They just need a reliable computer with two monitors if possible, or a laptop, a few special programs, a printer, a scanner and a fax. You also need a high-speed wireless internet connection. At the same time, there aren’t any requirements or limits as to the location of the office. Everything is up to you. It depends on the way you run your business. You may rent a room for the office. It may be located at home or even in your truck. In order to make it more convenient, you can also register a fax to email.

You can use a fax to email service providers such as efax.com, myfax.com and others. Instead of the usual scanner, you may use an application on your phone such as CamScanner and its analogs. Consequently, you will be able to get your faxes via email and print them out afterwards. The alternative is to use fax devices as a track stops. They can also be used to send the documents requiring a signature to the container or a broker.

Usually, the price for such services at the truck stop is from $1 to $2 but it’s not always comfortable and often takes some time, but always so valuable for a driver. You will also need to create a personal email for your business. Follow the main principles while setting up your corporate email, which consists of choosing a good and professional name that reflects the name of your company. A similar rule works for a voice message on your cell phone answering machine because the professional manner reflects your experience and the businessman’s qualities.

In addition to corporate email, you should also create a personal one, allowing you to quickly separate business correspondence from the personal one. Special attention should be paid to your truck’s cabinet where you need to allocate a little space and put folders with archives of documents there for storage. In addition, do not forget about the stationery such as pens, paper clips, and staples, staplers, hole punching, printer, paper, notepad and sticky notes. It is recommended to have the current Rand McNally’s Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas or in the other words, roadmaps.

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