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Dat Power Instructions

Hi guys, in this video, we’ll talk about the internet loading board used for searching and locating cargos. We’ll also explain how the system works and teach you how to make effective use of it. As a freight dispatcher, you will use the boards to publish information about free trucks. You will also use them to search for available goods. The online search boards used for cargo searches are an important tool that will help you organize constant loading of the truck.

In fact, the Internet Board is a market where operators, shippers, brokers post or seek freight for transportations. Boards for cargo search, paid, free and brokerage. There are three types of boards for cargo search, paid, free and brokerage. We will consider each type separately. Paid boards offer an exclusive list of goods, which means that many goods on a paid boards will not be available on other boards. This ultimately means less competition and gives you a better chance of getting a good cargo.

In addition, there are other services depending on the platform, you can offer a paid board. The most popular paid boards are DAT Power and Truck Stop. DAT Power in particular is the most demanded board in many areas and it gives the needed opportunity to perform an effective dispatching work. To gain access to this board, you must register on the official website and pay a monthly subscription fee of $149. There are also free boards for cargo searches, but they are not so relevant because they provide an insufficient amount of cargo and limited opportunities. These boards are primarily used by startup companies. These boards include truckloads.

There are also brokerage boards for cargo search. Large brokerage companies very often create their own board, where they put their goods in addition to other boards. Access to these boards can be obtained in cooperation with particular company. These companies are Landstar TQL. In general, to find a good cargo, the dispatcher must use all kinds of resources, even free boards where sometimes you can find something. When the condition of the cargo market is not very good, and it becomes difficult to find the cargo on the boards, then you need to ring up all kinds of brokers on your own and ask if they can find a suitable cargo for you.

DAT Power instructions. DAT Power is considered to be one of the most effective and fairly easy to use boards for cargo searches. In the work of the dispatcher, it is simply necessary to make use of it regularly. It is important to remember that the dispatcher must take into account the following filters when searching for cargo.

Weather. Before sending your driver somewhere, you need to know what the weather is in the area or on the way to it. Snowfall, hurricanes. In the winter, it is necessary to check the condition of the roads. It is also important to clarify if this is a mountainous region. Toll roads. You need to see the route your driver will have to drive to determine the presence and number of the toll roads, bridges and tunnels. And based on that determine the price for the transportation of cargo.

Cargo weight additional equipment. It is important to pay attention to the weight of the cargo because the heavier the cargo, the faster your truck wears out. So, it’s important not to go cheap with such a cargo. If this is a cargo for Flatbed or step deck, it is important to clarify whether for example you need to charge for the cargo for which respectively you also need to raise the price. Now, we will examine in detail the most important function of this board which are necessary for the work of the dispatcher. Once you have logged into DAT Power, you are offered the following three options.

Search trucks used for looking for trucks. Post trucks, posting a truck. Search loads, used for cargo search. Search loads and post trucks are used to search for cargo. Search loads. When you select Search loads option, you need to click on New Lot Search in the upper left corner and in order to narrow the search and find a suitable load, you need to enter certain parameters such as shown in the diagram.

Truck. The type of truck, there are two options here. Any. Any type of concrete truck within the class V, Vans. Standard. Standard truck, trailer van. F, Flatbeds, truck with a trailer with open roof.

R. Reefers. Trailers with temperature control and et cetera.

Only. A specific type of equipment. SD, Step Deck trailer with a stepped floor, SB [0:05:12 unclear] Trade box track Alltrack with a trailer, V G van lift gate, the residence of the lift gate. VM, van with a team, team of the two drivers et cetera. A Region. Location of the truck, city, state, zone. Destination. We prefer the destination, city, state, zone, Avail Date. DH-O. Deadhead-O region. The distance from the location of the truck to the place of the pickup. DHD, Deadhead destination. The distance from the place of delivery to the preferred destination. F/P, Full, Partial, Both. Truckload, Full, Partial, Both. Legs, Trailer Legs. Weight is the allowable preferred load weight for the trailer. Search backlot. Update time, Range.

After the parameters have been entered, click Search and the cargo suitable for you will appear on the board. You can do several different searches at the same time. And you can also edit or delete each search. For voice alerts, you can click on the bell located next to each search to know about that periods of a new lot on the board. After you have clicked Search, you will see total results, the number of suitable goods which you choose on the board. Total results are divided into two types, exact matches located at the top of the board and shows a load that fully comply with the parameters you specified. Similar matches located below exact matches and shows load that match only some of the parameters you specified.

To the right of total result, the following three options for cargo sorting are also present. All. Loads from all companies. Preferred. Only loads from brokers added to your list of preferred companies. Blocked. Loads only from companies added to your blacklist. On the board, you can see from left to right, you’ll observe the following data about each parcel. H. How long ago the load was posted. Pickup. Pickup Date. Truck. The necessary desired type of truck for the cargo. F/P. Full, partial. Truckload. Full or partial. DHO, Deadhead O region. The distance from the location of the truck to the place of the pickup. A region, pickup location, location of cargo, city, state, trip. The length of the world trip in miles from pickup to the place of the delivery. Destination. Destination, delivery point, city, state.

DH-D, deadhead destination. Distance from the place of delivery to the preferred destination. Company, the name of the company posting the goods. Clicking on the company name will open a window with additional information about this company. The location of the main office, the MS number, company number, company rating, credit rating. You can also add this company to the blacklist or list of preferred companies. Contact, company broker contact details, phone number, email, length, cargo lengths, weight, the weight of the load, rate, price per load, CS, credit score, company credit history, DTP (Days to Pay). The number of days during which the company will pay for the delivery of goods. Factor, the presence of factoring. A factoring company that pays a client for his service instead of a buyer. When you click on the cargo, you can see additional information about the cargo if one was provided by the broker.

For example, the exact time of pickup and delivery, commodity, goods to be transported, extension, the exact number of the brokers that deal specifically with this cargo. Cargo number, additional equipment for loading, etc. Post trucks. In order to find the goods, there is another option. This is post trucks. In this case, you have already published your truck and the details about it on the board, after which you will receive calls from brokers and companies interested in taking their cargo. If you select the Post trucks option, you also need to enter certain parameters.

The more details you provide, the more effective this method of cargo search will be. Our region, location of the truck, city, state, zone. Avail, truck availability date. Destination, preferred destination, city, state, zone. Truck, type of truck. F, B, Full, Partial, Both. Truckload, Full, Partial, Both. Length. Trailer Length. Weight, the allowable, preferred load weight for the trailer. Content, a phone number or email with which the broker can contact you. Ref ID, the number of the truck if any. Comments 1 and 2. Additional information about your truck or preferred cargo that you want to provide to brokers.

Set Audible Alarm. When you click this button, DAT Power automatically creates a load search for your truck with the same parameters and will alert you to the availability of suitable loads. After entering all the necessary information, click the Post button and your truck will be published on the board as well as the cargo searches. Posting a truck can be edited and deleted. Hot Market Map. On DAT power, there is one rather important supporting option called Hot Market Map. With its help, you can see the amount of cargo and trucks in a particular state and thus decide which direction to choose for your truck.

To effectively use this Hot Market Map system, you’ll need to choose equipment class, equipment type, vans, Flatbeds or Reefers. Select area, Market Class, State or Region. Select timeframe, previous business day, previous week, previous seven days, previous months or previous 30 days. Enter a region that is a specific state or city. Click Apply Filter. As a result, you will see the ratio of cargo to trucks in the location of your interest. Also, on the right side of the page, you can see a map colored in different shades of red for vans, green for flatbeds and blue for Reefers depending on the amount of cargo in different states. The procedure for taking the goods.

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