Conversation with a broker

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Conversation with a broker

Operator: Thank you for calling. Please do not hang up.

Broker: This is Leslie. What can I help you with?

Dispatcher: Hello, this is Julie from goodwaylogistics, calling you for a load going from Orlando, Florida to Newark, New Jersey today.

Broker: Okay, it picks up in Florida today anytime between 8 and 4 first come first serve, delivers Friday morning at 10 a.m.

Dispatcher: Great. Friday 10 a.m. What’s the commodity?

Broker: Palletized tissue paper 30000 pounds or less.

Dispatcher: Paper, what’s your rate on it?

Broker: Give me one second.

Dispatcher: It’s like around 1100 miles.

Broker: Exactly, that’s what we have to. All right. So Florida to New Jersey, we don’t have it posted for anything. Let me see what we have.

Dispatcher: Okay. No problem, take your time.

Broker: So we’d like to be around 2,300$

Dispatcher: $2,300, Is there any chance to go up like maybe a hundred bucks, like 24.

Broker: I mean, possibly for sure we’d like to be at 23, but definitely let me know what the driver’s thinking.

Dispatcher: Ok, no problem. Hold on just a second. Okay. Thank you. Hello, My driver is ready to take this load for 24 if it’s possible..

Broker: Okay, and then where is he currently at, what city?

Dispatcher: Ok, he’s located Ormond Beach, Florida right now, it’s like 61 miles away from Orlando,  Florida. Orlando Beach.

Broker: Okay. This is… It’s the the load is actually picking up in Haines City, Florida. So that’s why I was..

Dispatcher: Can you provide me with zip code? So it’s close to Orlando. Yeah?

Broker: Yes. It’s 33844

Dispatcher: Okay.

Broker: Looks like he’s about an hour and 45 minutes.

Dispatcher: 33844 or okay. It’s Haines City, yeah?

Broker: Mm hmm.

Dispatcher: Oh, it’s a little bit far away from Orlando.

Broker: Yeah.

Dispatcher: I see that. Hold on just a second, okay?

Broker: Okay.

Dispatcher: So, it’s like hundred miles away from Ormond Beach. Okay, so what’s your best on it? What’s your rate, because this guy, he probably will need more money for that dead head, you know.

Broker: Okay. Give me one second.

Dispatcher: What you can do? He can run all those miles, you know, to make the pickup but –

Broker: Yeah, let me see. Give me one second.

Dispatcher: Yeah, thank you, no problem.

Broker: Okay. So I was just confirming my boss. She said she actually wanted to be at 2200 but we could go ahead and meet you at 24 with that deadheading.

Dispatcher: Okay. Hold on just a second. Okay, I will tell this guy that it’s more miles for the dead head and give me up to 30 seconds. Thank you. Hello?

Broker: Yes.

Dispatcher: Maybe you can meet me on the middle and give just like 50 bucks for those dead head 2450

Broker: I know, 2400 would be our best as we honestly wanted to be at 25.

Dispatcher: So 2425, no?

Broker: I’m sorry. No, I know I know.

Dispatcher: Okay, let’s lock it down for 2400.

Broker: What’s your MC?

Dispatcher: It’s 053002, it’s Goodway Logistics.

Broker: Okay, give me one second. You said Clear Way Logistics, right?

Dispatcher: GoodWay Logistics, yeah.

Broker: Okay, say that one more time, you said 0

Dispatcher: 053002

Broker: Thank you so much.

Dispatcher: No problem.

Broker: Give one moment… I don’t think you’re set up with us so let me just confirm.

Dispatcher: Okay, if you can make the set up, so I will do this really quick. Just check it, please.

Broker: Yeah, of course. Okay, I don’t see where you set up with us. But no problem at all. When I get your email and started real quick.

Dispatcher: Okay. So hold on just a second. The email address is goodwaylogistics

Broker: Oh give me, sorry, give me one second. I’m not there yet. I’m so sorry.

Dispatcher: No problem. It’s like the name of the company, you know, but all together.

Broker: Okay, you said Goodwaylogistics

Dispatcher: With the -s at the end. Yeah, goodwaylogistics altogether dot US like United States at

Broker: Perfect.

Dispatcher: Yeah, [email protected] What is your direct line, like if any, you know.

Broker: 12-717-3820. And what was your first name?

Dispatcher: Julia.

Broker: Oh, yeah, what’s good number to reach you at?

Dispatcher: It’s 6464916797

Broker: Okay. And the driver’s name?

Dispatcher: His name is Alex.

Broker: And what’s a good number to reach Alex at?

Dispatcher: Okay, hold on just a second. It’s 908-461 3957

Broker: Thank you so much and just to confirm he’s in a 53-foot dry van with split doors.

Dispatcher: Yeah, 53 feet long dry van, yeah swing doors.

Broker: What’s the company name on his truck door?

Dispatcher: Say it again please, because I don’t catch that.

Broker: What’s the company name on his truck door?

Dispatcher: It’s Goodway Logistics company name.

Broker: Perfect and then last question. Where is he currently at? Oh, yeah, he’s at that Ormond Beach, Florida.

Dispatcher: Ormond Beach, Florida. It’s like a hundred and 6 miles away. Yeah.

Broker: Is he empty or he has a delivery?

Dispatcher: No, no, no. He’s empty right now, ready to go.

Broker: Perfect. Alright cool. I‘m gonna send you this email right now and if you could just reply all with your carrier, oh no.

Dispatcher: Okay, no problem.

Broker: Reply all with your W9, insurance and authority and then my carrier setup team will send you the packet.

Dispatcher: Okay. I’m waiting. Thank you so much.

Broker: Thanks so much.

Dispatcher: Have a great day.

Broker: You too. Bye.

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