Truck dispatcher training in California

Dispatcher Training

Truck dispatcher training in California

The dispatcher of road and urban ground electric transport is a specialist who is responsible for the movement of road transport, coordination of drivers and receiving complaints from passengers. His job responsibilities may also include keeping records – waybills, reports, dispatch log, timesheet. The specialist works at public transport enterprises, as well as companies with a large fleet of their own.

The dispatcher must understand the rules for the transportation of people, cargo, baggage, and the current tariffs for the services provided by the company. He needs knowledge of logistics and traffic rules, the ability to work with modern computer hardware and software. This is the link between the end customer and the driver. The dispatcher can take part in the organization of loading and unloading operations, operational support of passenger and cargo transportation, and prevent all possible downtime and failures that occur on the line.

He proposes innovations to improve current transport schemes and monitors the quality of all links in the transport chain. The vehicle dispatcher is involved in the development of assignments for the accountable employees. He maintains operational communication with all customers and loading and unloading points, determines the efficiency of the use of available resources and does everything possible to improve it. This employee accepts waybills from drivers, processes them in accordance with the established procedure, reports to the management on violations of transport and labor discipline, accidents and road accidents.

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