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Truck Dispatcher Salary

Operating costs include: routing and ordering, selection of a carrier or vehicle, registration of a set of accompanying documents, their receipt and processing, cargo insurance, order execution control, cost calculation, formation of acts. Our training for truck dispatcher offers a great opportunity to get a great salary and a stable, high-paying job. The list goes on. Labor costs in this situation are up to 40 people / hour per order. Dispatchers and enterprising car transporter drivers stand separately. The dispatcher does not have his own fleet, but has a site, a beautiful website, as well as contacts of small carriers and car transporter drivers. All this reduces the quality of services and the accuracy of delivery times, in comparison with larger players.

Specificity of work and business advantages

Starting a business in this area has one big plus, in order to start, you do not need serious investments. At the very beginning, you can do everything yourself and only if you have a large amount of work will you have to hire someone. Providing transportation assistance requires connections, knowledge and skills. Starting from scratch is hard enough to build a customer base and will take a long time. The main indicator of the efficiency of logistics in terms of operating costs of any company is the time spent by the company’s personnel to process transportation processes, including logisticians, dispatchers, financial and documentary control. 

Types of car transporters:

  • single-deck and double-deck car transporters;
  • car transporters onboard and tilt;
  • auto transporters are covered and open.

To apply for the transportation of a car by means of an auto transporter, you need:

  1. To fill an application.
  2. Draw up an act of acceptance and transfer.
  3. Have your passport and power of attorney with you.
  4. Carry out an inventory of the complete set of the transported vehicle.

Car transporter drivers are chosen from among qualified specialists, very often the duties of car transporter drivers include the functions of freight dispatchers and loaders when unloading cars at the customer’s place, which allows significant savings for all parties involved in road transportation.​​

The costs required to complete a single order are currently too high and the SLA is low. All this speaks of the low efficiency of logistics in modern realities. The dispatcher finds the most suitable transport for a specific cargo, taking into account the requirements of the cargo owner. The price of transportation and the terms of cooperation must be fully satisfied; you also need a guarantee of the integrity of the cargo and compliance with the deadlines. Companies that need to transport cargo often choose to work with a dispatch company. 

What is the average Truck Dispatcher Salary

Salaries may vary significantly from state to state, and we would like to provide an overall summary of the number of payments dispatchers receive:

CityHourly WageMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Cambridge, MA$25.26$4,378$52,542
San Mateo, CA$24.87$4,311$51,731
Sunnyvale, CA$26.95$4,671$56,054
Manhattan, NY$25.53$4,426$53,108

What are the prospects for wage growth in this direction

So they save their time and focus on the transportation process. As a specialist, the dispatcher must know all the nuances of transportation. These include the characteristics of the cargo, transport and the specifics of the route that will have to be overcome. Both parties should receive their benefits, and the intermediary should be paid for their work. Job prospects in this field are tempting if you have the right skills. It is real to become a demanded specialist, goods need to be constantly transported, so there are a lot of potential customers. It is enough to prove yourself competitive to get them.

As more and more new order criteria arise, such as: general customer requirements for cooperation and order, loading / loading data, route, unloading point address, requirements for transport documents, the situation becomes more complicated. Ultimately, this leads to the fact that the performance of the logistician decreases very quickly. Ultimately, processing time can increase to 8 hours, and the number of errors will be almost 99%! It is clear that the solution to this problem should reduce the above indicators as efficiently as possible now and reduce further as the accumulation of data sets and additional training on real orders and data.

And here’s a breakdown of salaries by profession and type of dispatcher:

Job TitleHourly WageWeekly PayMonthly PayAnnual Salary
Work From Home Office Dispatcher$34.06$1,362$5,903$70,838
Work From Home Office Dispatcher$31.21$1,248$5,409$64,908
Work From Home Office Dispatcher$31.11$1,248$5,393$64,717

Metrics for datasets are generated from the personal accounts of all users and MT in a continuous mode. As the data accumulates, the AI ​​block will be implemented. He will receive them and send feedback through his personal account or mobile application. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used exactly where they are most suitable: to solve complex combinatorial problems in logistics. If you do not yet know how to become a trucking dispatcher, we recommend that you study the information provided on our website or contact our representatives and ask them all your questions.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information about our courses and consult with our specialists in order to determine the choice of a program that is suitable for you. We will be happy to assist you in obtaining one of the most demanded professions today. Take training with us and become a highly qualified specialist with guaranteed and stable earnings for the next few years. The entire learning process takes place online for your convenience. We also issue official licenses and certificates.

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