Truck dispatcher license requirements

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Truck dispatcher license requirements

The US Truck Dispatcher License is a document issued by the authorities. It is necessary for all those who plan to control and organize the delivery of goods professionally, that is, not for personal needs, but as a business. To obtain a license, you need to go through truck dispatcher training at a qualified center. This applies to both individuals and legal entities.

You should prepare for the procedure for obtaining a license in advance. To get truck dispatcher license requirements are next:

  • collect a package of documents;
  • get acquainted with the terms of work of state bodies;
  • find out the cost of services.

What is a license for a trucking dispatcher and why is it needed? A license for a trucking dispatcher is an official paper required for the operation of transport companies. These include individual entrepreneurs, LLCs and other types of legally registered organizations. The document is a permit for certain activities in the field of cargo transportation.

The dispatcher is one of those who work a lot to ensure that the cargo is delivered. They help the cargo owner and carrier decide how best to get it to its destination. A trucking operator must take many things into account when receiving and transporting goods. The person performing this work must have the appropriate knowledge and experience in order to be sociable and quickly respond to problems arising in the process. A trucking operator can find a car, repair a vehicle, or do much more that will benefit all parties involved. Their responsibilities include:

  1. Dispatchers are people who help with logistics.
  2. They coordinate the delivery of groupage cargo.
  3. They also deal with multiple clients.

It is profitable for transport companies and shippers to hire truck operators as it relieves them of the responsibility for solving problems and issues. A specialist can follow the shipment from start to finish. They contact the client and resolve any issues that arise. Therefore, special requirements are imposed on dispatchers. The dispatcher can only be people with certain qualities. They must be able to be polite and self-controlled. You cannot become a home trucking operator if you do not have the appropriate qualifications. This is a simple business that doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Receiving procedure

A representative of a legal entity needs to collect a package of documents, fill out an application and wait for its consideration. Refusal is also possible if an employee of the state authority discovers incorrect data, errors in documents or the driver does not meet the necessary requirements. Truck dispatcher salary is quite high, and more information can be obtained from a specialized center. Who issues the license and who can get it The body that issues permits to the transport companies is the Ministry of Transport and Communications (represented by transport inspections).

Required documents

To obtain a license, the following documents are required:

  • copies of title documents certified by a notary, registration certificate for transport;
  • bank details of the person for whom this permit is being issued;
  • copies of available documents confirming the compliance of the qualification level of employees and the timeliness of passing the certification of persons who are responsible for ensuring traffic safety; data on the availability of parking spaces or an agreement with the parking;
  • a document that confirms the fact of payment of the state duty (submitted in original).

Together with these papers, an application is submitted, which is considered within a month. In practice, this period is often reduced to two weeks. After 30 days, the required document is issued or a refusal with the obligatory indication of the reasons.

It is specified that the norms apply to car drivers, whose management is part of their job duties, and drivers who are individual entrepreneurs and drive a car independently, with the exception of drivers carrying out transportation by official cars when servicing public authorities and local governments, drivers employed on international transport. Drivers carrying out transportation within the boundaries of the territory of the enterprise who do not go to public roads. You can find out about independent truck dispatcher license requirements on your own by contacting specialized bodies, or by taking our courses.

Drivers of passenger cars of departmental security, drivers of firefighters and emergency rescue vehicles, including cars intended for providing medical care to citizens, including cars, involved in the elimination of the consequences or prevention of emergencies, drivers of vehicles of the bodies carrying out operational-search activities, military drivers in the performance of their military service duties. And all this process must be monitored by dispatchers and clearly understand how to work in this direction.

Advantages of working as a dispatcher

The features of the work of a home freight dispatcher are:

  • do not get up early and rush to the office;
  • calls are made from any place where there is communication and access to the Internet;
  • no need to tear yourself away from your family.

You do not need to undergo training as a road transport dispatcher at a specialized university. In this profession it makes no difference what kind of education, humanitarian or technical or category. First, you need to thoroughly familiarize yourself with the situation on the transport services market. The first step should be a thorough analysis of future rivals, studying all the detailed information about them. Particular attention should be paid to their strengths and weaknesses. This will help in the further construction of your own activity and will avoid the same mistakes.

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