The economical truck operation, or how to reduce truck fuel consumption

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The economical truck operation, or how to reduce truck fuel consumption

Truck fuel consumption is a topic that worries all freight forwarders and truckers. Everyone wants to reduce it, but not always it turns out. Drivers often complain that the norms they receive for carrying out transport work are not real and cannot be met in any way. In turn, the owners of fleets (carriers) claim that hired drivers are constantly draining and selling fuel, therefore, what rate they do not give, it will not be worth it anyway, as they will not fit into it. But if you look at each individual case, the picture may become clearer. That is why this article was written. If you read it carefully and draw the right conclusions, you will understand how to reduce the fuel consumption of the truck.

Economical truck operation

Economical operation of a train is a careful operation of a careful owner since it is not possible without a caring and careful attitude to your truck.

Only the one who approaches the business economically, in an organized and disciplined manner, works in a stable and economical manner. We also note that the correct economical operation of the road train is also a safe ride. Now we will explain everything in more detail.

Some aspiring entrepreneurs and truckers naively believe that there are some miracle recipes that allow you to carry goods almost on the air. It was on these misconceptions, as well as against the background of the constant increase in the cost of fuel, that a whole industry was created for the production of various catalysts, ionizers, modifiers, and other useless nonsense. But there is one recipe here – you just need to save energy and properly use it.

The main secret to achieving fuel economy lies in the driver. That’s so simple! He has to drive the car properly, carry out repairs and maintenance in a timely manner. Only from his ability to drive a car, to choose the right speed limit and the right time to move depends on the final fuel consumption.

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