How to Dispatch a Car Hauler?

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How to Dispatch a Car Hauler?

Dispatching a Car Hauler is a complex process that requires the involvement of a high-level specialist. In order to drive Car Hauler vehicles, you need a professional dispatcher with all the necessary skills. Search for a high-paying cargo is a laborious process, and for newcomers to the market, it is quite an expensive and time-consuming task.
Carriers who work directly with Car Hauler face difficulties when trying to find a well-paid cargo. While on the move, drivers do not have enough time and resources to constantly monitor the Central Dispatch and other loading boards. Combining these two actions – driving a Car Hauler and monitoring for cargo is simply impossible. Therefore, drivers need to use the services of a professional transporter dispatchers team. It is they who will be able to find for you the current open and closed transportations, which will provide you with a decent payment, making your route profitable.

Car Hauler Dispatcher

When transporting cargo, many car haulers prefer to rely on their own strength only. But finding a well-paid cargo is an art. Performing all work independently is ineffective in terms of optimizing the profitability of car transportation. A professional dispatch service can book well-paid offers in minutes. Dispatchers will select the highest paid transport for you.

Car Hauling Dispatch provides a fairly large functionality:

  • one of the main tasks of the dispatcher is to maximize the load of the transporter. It saves the owner of an auto transporter from the problem of finding goods;
  • it doesn’t matter if you have a closed or open trailer, the dispatcher is here to help you find the best vehicles to transport;
  • professional dispatchers are guided by the interests of the driver and provide convenient communication between all parties to the transaction;
  • dispatchers will select the best route for you to follow and transport goods;
  • immediately after you deliver the car, the dispatcher sends you a BOL (Bill of lading) and an invoice to make sure you get paid quickly and on time;
  • automatic logging of all actions and events and many other functions.

The dispatcher determines with high precision the time of each stop of the car transporter. Equipped with equipment such as GPS makes vehicle monitoring as accurate and reliable as possible. In addition, dispatchers enable route layouts to be analyzed for further optimization. In all these works, the dispatcher is directly involved, who must have certain professional skills in order to provide high quality services. This is the only way the carrier will be able to earn the maximum possible amount in one iteration.

Profits of the dispatching service for a Car Hauler

If you entrust the entire list of work to a professional dispatch service, you can save time, money and nerves. The service removes a number of tasks and problems from the customer, optimizing the entire work process and offering high-quality results. 

In this case, you can solve many work issues more easily and quickly. For the owners of a freight forwarding company it is more beneficial to use the services of a specialized dispatcher, who provides all the necessary services for the competent implementation of the delivery process. It is more profitable in terms of pricing policy and practical aspects.

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