HOW CAN I BECOME A TRUCK DISPATCHER – Business Model Structured 2021

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HOW CAN I BECOME A TRUCK DISPATCHER – Business Model Structured 2021

Today, I would like to present a free training to you about the trucking business. I’m doing this Because I meet people that spend thousands of dollars studying, and they still know nothing.

No worries, in this video you’ ll learn how to make real money.

So, first of all what you will need to become a truck dispatcher.

You need information about where and how to start.

As an example let me tell you a story about how I started. 

A friend of mine started a car hauling business, it’s an industry where people transport cars. You’ve probably seen them on the roads. 

The main thing that you need to learn is what a Load board is – that’s where all the work is. Browsing it will take about 90% of your time. Login to this platform and then you need to find loads and call the brokers, saying: Hi, I am interested in this load and you start negotiations with the broker.

So, now you know how to login to the loadboard, how to find loads, how to find trucks, how to manage negotiations with brokers, and have a general idea of the dispatcher’s work.

Also, you’ll need tools that will show you where your trucks are, where you can pick up the loads, are they currently dispatched, are they on the road, and is the load delivered/completed. Everything you’ll need to know you can find out with the help of a set of tools that will help you manage your day to day work process.

Well, even knowing how the LoadBoard is enough to start.

And once you become a dispatcher, you are free to go. You can work from any place in the world, finding dispatching jobs in any country.

I would like to talk about truck dispatcher business.

At First, you will work from home and your aim will be to relocate to a bigger office with a couple of dispatchers working for you. 

And you’ll be managing them all.

1 truck on average makes Gross $25.000 (Of course, you should understand that it’s a seasonal business, for example during winter it is slow and in summer it is busy).

since  a dispatcher earns from GROSS income, he gets about 5% from $25.000 = $1250. 

So, from dispatching only 1 truck, a dispatcher can get on average $1250, and usually dispatchers guide 3-4 trucks.

The other question is how many trucks the dispatcher can manage? I recommend managing 6-7 trucks at the very most.

But it’s up to you to decide.

When you are ready to grow your business – you need to hire dispatchers.

You will also need to market your services, to get customers.

And if you have let’s say 3 dispatchers, each of them manages 3 trucks – 9 trucks in total.

So, each dispatcher makes gross – $75.000 , total – $225.000. And then you’re getting 5%, which is $11250. So, now your business makes $11250 income.

Now, you have expenses, you pay each employee, let’s say, $2500. This means 3 employees – $7.500. So, you are left with $3750.

Of course, these numbers are just theoretical, your income can be more, it can be less.

So, yes! I recommend you learn this skill and  start working from home and then expand your business and reach all your goals.

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