How a driver should sit behind the wheel

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How a driver should sit behind the wheel

The trucker must be seated in such a way that it can at any moment prevent an unexpected accident. The position of the body should be comfortable.

Many novice drivers make one typical mistake when driving – they keep the body too tense with arms bent at the elbows. This situation indicates the nervousness and uncertainty of the driver. This limits the movement of the trucker when turning, braking or giving signals.

Before driving, the truck driver should relax the muscles of the cervical spine, arms, and body. Relaxed cervical vertebrae will allow the driver to respond faster to events occurring on the road and to carry out normal all-around visibility. Relaxed arm and body muscles will reduce fatigue and allow more work. It should be understood that the trucker is behind the wheel for a long time, and the safety of the load and the life of various road users depends on his health. A tired driver will not be able to adequately and quickly respond to various driving situations.

Before driving, make sure that the edge of the front wing is visible from the neighbor’s side. If it is not visible, raise the seat and take a more comfortable position. Thereby you increase the review.

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