Dispatching services for truckers

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Dispatching services for truckers

Consolidated cargo logistics allows to reduce the time and at the same time to optimize the cost of the project. If a client requests that his valuables be shipped separately from other clients, we will provide this option. But in some cases it happens that it is more profitable for both the carrier and the client to collect several orders from different customers and send them in one batch. The modern economy of any country in the world is not capable of developing in isolation from other markets. The global economy is built on the rapid and unimpeded movement of material assets from one business entity to another.

How should truckers choose suitable Dispatching services?

Dispatching services for truckers is always attentive to the wishes of its customers, so they offer you additional options. These include:

  • route preparation;
  • preparation of the shipment;
  • preparation of the required documentation;
  • vehicle situation monitoring, location tracking;
  • control over the execution of special wishes of the customer;
  • Full Truck Load (FTL) – organization of transportation when vehicles are fully loaded;
  • storage in our own terminals;
  • insurance.

Within the framework of the service, customers receive other services, directly or indirectly related to the sending and receiving of goods. Logistics plays a key role in this economic model. Industrial enterprises, trading companies, the service sector, financial corporations – all modern business is simply impossible without timely delivery of goods. The delivery of goods from a transport company is most often ordered by large industrial clients – enterprises, factories, factories, etc. And in our courses you can get all the information you need to create and define this process. We invite you to contact our representatives for detailed information.

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