Couch truck dispatcher training

Dispatcher Training

Couch truck dispatcher training

The freight dispatcher is an important link between the cargo owner and the carrier. The dispatcher is the production link, which is responsible for establishing communication between the cargo owner and the carrier. More specifically, he selects a suitable transport for delivery, based on the requirements of the owner of the cargo, and monitors its movement along the entire route up to the destination.

In addition, the dispatcher is responsible for coordinating the interaction of several customers in the process of delivering groupage cargo, or those goods that are transported by loading. As soon as the cargo arrives at the designated place, the work of the forwarder is considered completed, and he receives a pre-agreed percentage of the total amount of the contract (usually 10-15%). In order to find an option that suits the customer in a short time, the freight dispatcher must have sufficient experience and level of knowledge in the industry, be polite, sociable, always collected and stress-resistant.

The last component is especially important, since the forwarder, being a kind of bridge between the customer and the contractor, bears the responsibility to both of them – in some situations, even financial. Interaction through a freight dispatcher is undoubtedly mutually beneficial for both customers and suppliers. Cargo owners save their time on searching for carriers, and those, in turn, do not have to constantly scour in search of free and return cargo. Cargo holders register on the website and post orders, registered carriers use the order filter to find suitable cargo and offer prices. The customer chooses a suitable carrier and orders the service.

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