Alcohol-Drug Test

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Alcohol-Drug Test

Lesson Two. Alcohol drug test. Hi guys. In this video, we will talk to you about the important procedure and requirement for driver registration, alcohol and drug test. In a situation whereby a new driver comes to you for work, it is necessary to make a request for an alcohol and drug test. Also, every year, the driver is obliged to pass random alcohol and drug test to keep your drivers in good health condition. Simple process for conducting the tests.

Firstly, choose a clinic. There are a large number of them. We advise you to use the clinic Med-Stop, You can cooperate with this clinic for free and a big plus is that there are a large number of their offices in different states. But there’s a nuance that in order to cooperate with this clinic, your company must be at least three drivers. After the driver has started work, you must register him at the random alcohol and drug test. It is done once a year. If the driver is on vacation or sick, then the employer may not register he/she on the queue for the test.

If the driver cannot be tested within the required period, an alternative option may be chosen. Its peculiarity is that the test date is assigned to you by the duty inspection and you can pass a test 10 days before the schedule date or 10 days after. Your task is to register the driver to the nearest clinic to his location. The cost of this service is $50 to $75. Thanks for watching. See you.

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