Important Step Every Dispatcher Needs To Do How To Become A Truck Dispatcher In USA

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Important Step Every Dispatcher Needs To Do How To Become A Truck Dispatcher In USA

Hi! Today we will talk about  a very important step that every dispatcher needs to do. Most of the dispatchers skipped this step but as a result, they lost time, money and their reputation of a reliable dispatcher.

And Yes, today we will talk about the importance of checking the facility where the dispatcher is sending his driver to.

You might say that all the information will be given to you by a broker, and you will be totally right. Moreover, the brokers will not be happy with you calling their clients directly.

But on the other hand, how often it happens that the driver gets to the facility and the pickup details on the appointment time is not correct.
From our experience most of the routes will be filled with some challenges and you as a dispatcher must make the decisions immediately.

That is why we recommend checking everything in advance.

And here is the list of the questions that you need to ask the facility member (You might even need to write something down):

  • Make sure you specify your pick up number and also mention your products you carry.
  • Ask the time of your appointment and check if it’s the same as the one, given to you by a broker.
  • Also ask if the driver will need to pay any additional fees, as they only take cash. So, your driver needs to be ready for this and take some cash from the ATM machine in advance.
  • Check if the facility has parking. And also parking over the night. It will help you and your driver understand if he can or can’t get there before the appointment and will he be able to park the truck somewhere on the facility’s territory. And obviously, if there is parking over the night, then the driver can stay for a night at the facility.
  • Clarify the facility’s working hours. This will help you in case the driver is going to be late for his appointment and you will see if it’s not too late for him to go there.

Summing up, you need to remember that it is very good when you have a reliable and responsible broker. But most of the time, it’s better to do a double check in order to avoid very EXPENSIVE mistakes. 

You don’t want your driver to lose a day or two waiting for the appointment if your data is incorrect.

And sometimes, it’s better to cancel the load that doesn’t suit your information  from a broker, so  you will not waste time and efforts in vain.

Remember, following the plan, you will reach your target and satisfy everyone’s needs: yours, company’s and the driver’s.

Please leave your question in the comments area, I will see you next time!

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